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We’re really excited to announce that lush pop experimentalists Virginia Wing are coming to Future Yard in October, touring their superlative new album private LIFE, released on Fire Records in February 2021.
Tickets on sale now.

Forming in 2012, Virginia Wing is the musical collaboration of Alice Merida Richards, Sam Pillay and Christopher Duffin (formerly saxophonist with Xam Duo). Virginia Wing is a group activity that is supportive and freeing: each of their previous records were made by a group unconcerned with creating and maintaining a brand. They’ve made the music that makes sense to them.

The group’s previous releases show an experimental pop band with a lush yet ever-changing sound operating at the heights of their own creativity. Early works like 2014’s Measures Of Joy drew comparisons to Broadcast, Stereolab, This Heat and Blonde Redhead, but as the years went by, their music expanded to include elements of jazz and psych pop as well as African and Asian sounds. By the time of 2018’s Ecstatic Arrow, Virginia Wing established themselves as an equally innovative and heartfelt act.

In 2020, Virginia Wing have concerned themselves with the challenge of making something unique. Having made the acclaimed Ecstatic Arrow in the romantic setting of alpine Switzerland in 2018, lavishing in the ambience and scenery, Virginia Wing have had to do what the rest of us have had to do in 2020, work from home in our jogging bottoms. Their new album private LIFE sees them producing one of 2021’s most daring and true pop records.

“Virginia Wing’s utopian visions feel especially invaluable. This is joyful music with a spirit of self-preservation at its core.” Pitchfork

Further announcements around support acts to come. Tickets on sale now.


Future Yard presents
Virginia Wing
5th October 2021
75 Argyle Street

19:00 til 23:00 Future Yard, 75 Argyle Street BUY TICKETS